Stud Partition Walls

If you are looking at having stud partition walls with aluminium frames professionally installed then we can provide a number of solutions to fit your requirements and budget. We offer a range of options depending on the style you prefer.

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    Partitions For Offices

    Our Glass partitions are perfectly suited to offices of all shapes and sizes for a number of reasons. Firstly if your office is small but you still need it to be divided while allowing natural light to pass throughthen this is made possible. Additionally, they allow you to create sectioned off areas while still keeping the open feel of a larger room. The opposite of this is where you have a large office that needs to be divided up into smaller areas. This can easily be achieved because they allow for more privacy when needed for meetings but allow for light to pass through keeping a pleasant open feel to the office.

    Partitions For Shops

    Glass partitions in shops are ideal for making certain areas inaccessible to the public while still allowing them to browse your products. Our partitions are also well suited to shops that are located within larger stores such as shopping centres and malls. When installed at the front of the shop you can limit the opening hours while still allowing people to clearly see within the shop as shown below:

    glass partitions for shops

    Made To Measure

    All our solutions including stud walls are made to measure meaning you get the perfect fit. It is best to discuss your requirement with us first so that we can point you in the right direction as there are a variety of different materials that can be used depending on your spec. As an example we offer a toughened glass option that has been fire rated up to 60 minutes to provide extra safety and resistance in certain locations.

    We also offer sound proofing glass which as the name suggests reduces the level of sound that can pass through. This is ideal for offices needing a quiet and private working environment.

    Whatever your needs are we will have a solution for you so speak to us today.

    Full UK Coverage

    We have a range of clients who use full glass partitions some of which include office block owners, shop owners, hotel chains and individual home owners. The majority of our work is for clients within the Manchester and Cheshire areas however we work throughout the UK so please call us to discuss your requirements. The majority of our work being done for clients in the following areas:

    • Manchester
    • Cheshire
    • Altrincham
    • Sale
    • Lymm
    • Knutsford
    • Wilmslow
    • Cheadle
    • Warrington

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